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The Innocent

December 17, 2009

This movie was quite scary for being so old. The children, like most children in horror movies, were creepy and had to do with most everything that was going wrong. The father getting a nanny started out being like the movie A Secret Garden. I was not sure what was going to happen at first, I thought it was going to be boring and cause me to lose interest. This was not the case at all. Seeing how everything played out with the children and all of the secrets. I thought it seemed as though the children were powering the spirits need for life through their own bodies. This movie was pretty good overall.



December 17, 2009

The thought of total control over a society is a scary one; I don’t think that it is too far away though. It is already possible to choose what you want your baby to look like as a parent. Scientists can go in and make changes to the genes to form a blonde, green-eyed, female baby. I feel as though this is messing too much with nature. To want your child to appear the only you choose is like saying that you won’t love the child that would have been. Genes are not something that should be tampered with; it can cause serious problems if something goes wrong.

Art and Life in Dorian Gray

December 17, 2009

Art is a huge part of the Dorian Gray story; it all starts with the painting that Basil created of Dorian. This painting shows through to the real Dorian Gray and it contains every bit of him. Dorian believes that this painting will keep him from aging, when it would eventually be the death of him. Dorian didn’t take to art like Basil did; after all, creating pieces of art work were his life’s work and income. This book revolves around the creation of Basil’s work and how it forms each of the characters.

Dorian Gray Homosexuality Analysis

December 17, 2009

In the beginning of Dorian Grey Basil shows a deep fondness for Dorian which could often be interpreted as a love-interest. It is never actually said if this is accurate, but if we looked at today’s “standards” for this it would seem that Basil is quite homosexual. Back then, it was alright to be what they would categorize themselves today as metro sexual. Also, when Basil is informed by Henry that Dorian is engaged he throws quite a fit. Basil says how crazy and preposterous this is, that Dorian must be out of his mind to do such a thing. Yet, he is constantly showering Dorian with compliments even when he is speaking about him being crazy for getting married. Later in Chapter 7 when Basil is talking to Dorian he says that anybody that Dorian feels he loves enough to marry MUST be something special. Most people today would, again, take the compliments and that statement as an act of homosexually; however, it could simply be a good friend talking to/about his good friend. Perhaps Basil is more of the type of person that is intensely concerned about his friends and only wants the absolute best for them. Today’s society judges too fast and often does not look past cliché statements and thoughts.

Dorian Gray

December 17, 2009

The concept of beauty is pushed in the first chapter between Henry and Basil. They way they talk about it is as though if you’re not beautiful, you must be intelligent because you clearly can’t be both at the same time. This is an interesting way of looking at it for sure. Henry seems to possess an odd want to meet Dorian and Basil wants to keep this all to himself. Basil just explains that this is because when he has things or people he is especially fond of he likes to keep them a secret because it makes him feel special. On that note Henry talks about his marriage and how he and his wife never really tell each other the truth. This is also an odd concept for today’s life. Now, the message of trust and anti-secrecy from one’s spouse is pushed onto people. We have to ask ourselves, “What would life be like today if we instilled the morals of Henry and Basil, all of the secrets and the twist on beauty vs. brains?”


October 27, 2009

It is easy to say that eating disorders are disgusting and that girls and women should never come down to that, or even that body image shouldn’t be that big of a deal. To a 13-year-old girl though, it is everything, you’re impressionable and all you want are those friends. One might say that if they only care about body image then they shouldn’t be your friend, and although that is true, it is not thought about when you’re that age. Social status is everything to most girls that young.  Of course it can get extreme and when it comes down to eating disorders it is terrible.  So, we can sit here and say that women and girls should never resort to that, but how can we contradict what our judgements are portraying. When society judges these girls and wants them to be so fit and beautiful, then they shouldn’t be shocked when their criticism is the cause of all the pain.

What is a just war?

October 27, 2009

5. Define “justice” and “peace.” Assuming that both concepts are desirable,
describe a society in which there is justice without peace or peace without
justice. Ultimately, do you see justice or peace as more important to human
-Justice is like softer version of revenge. Its for all the right reasons and is used to bring an ultimate conclusion to a bad situation.

Peace can be defined as the lack or adsence of fighting and the all around “best” way to live; its ideal.

I think that neither peace nor justice can stand alone to make the total and complete happpiness of a society. You need to have justice before you can achieve peace and without that peace there is no ominate feeling of glee or happiness.  After the initial justice is has then, the peace will take over being the promenate feeling and if it can be managed properly then it will remain in effect for what is hoped to be a long while.

Value Myths

October 27, 2009

Gary: A heavy republican that sicks strictly to “the norm”

Robert: A liberal with a passion for change and world peace

In this conversation between Gart and Robert they are discussing their views on legalizing marijuana in order to better society.

Gary: This is just terrible! You can’t introduce a drug into socitey freely without consequences and just let everybody run around willy-nilly getting high as a kite!

Robert: Marijuana has already been throughout society and is no stranger. There would be certain rules and guide lines to the legalization of it.

Gary: You say that now, until those youngsters are driving around with “the munchies” and crashing into all of the buildings and raising all hell.

Robert: If you knew all about the effects of marijuana, then you’d know that smoking this substance does not make you want to go out and drive around. The substance is also a controlled drug that is not possible to overdose on, which is more than can be said about alcohol. Over all, this drug would allow people to fight less, never O.D., and would also take away from the want to illegally smoke it.

Memoirs of a Geisha

September 11, 2009

Glasgow’s Daily Record praised the film, saying the “geisha world is drawn with such intimate detail that it seems timeless until the war, and with it the modern world comes crashing in”.

The Geishas had much to worry about but all of their worries were concentrated in this life that was formed for them.  They had to do everything perfectly and according to the orders of everybody but themselves.  Their concentrated world was like a bubble engulfing them and holding them prisoner.  When the war came about they realized what exactly the “outside” world held.  This of course was quite a shock and partially devastating.  I personally do not necessarily think that I could sympathize with the Geisha or any situation that would resemble it.  Of course I felt pity for them and their predicament, but nothing I have ever done could amount to that kind lifestyle.  They were strong and courageous to make it through all of the pain.  Growing up in a society like that and with the rules, regulations, and strict watchful eyes would certainly pose a challenge for any of today’s generation.