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The turn of the screw!

December 7, 2009

The turn of the screw:

According to me this novella is like just another horror movie. This novel is mysterious ‘ghost story’ written by Henry James.  In this story the governess is simply hallucinating by seeing things that do not exist. The governess first thought that there was something wrong with the children. Miles was expelled from his school, though he behaved well and Flora was an adorable child.

She then started feeling for children and thought they were extremely warm. The governess saw demons and was scared of them that they might hurt the children who are really close to her. She wanted to protect the children as she thought that the demons might hurt children and reacted in a strange way which scared the children.  Ultimately the kids wanted the governess to leave and go back.

I think the kids are too innocent and they are not aware of what’s happening with them. And the governess should have asked the children about these ghosts as she is considered the most sensible.


Peace vs Justice

November 10, 2009

Justice is a very broad concept it’s not just being fair. Justice according to me is being right morally, whether it’s equity, rationality or law. ‘Justice is the first virtue of social institutions, as truth is of systems of thought’ according to John Rawls. Justice is something that’s having what you deserve. Is you’ve done something wrong and then you’ll get what you deserve no matter how harsh the punishment is. Sometimes justice is dominating and authoritative. When a judge gives merciless penalty to someone, in that case it’s authoritative.

Peace on the other hand is a very amiable term. When I think of peace the first thing which strikes my mind is healthy way of living in harmony. Peace is end of the war, where there is amity and goodwill in the world, where people are in good terms with each other. Synchronization between everything: society, countries, people, communities and politically. It’s the end of conflict and war.  When we find peace within ourselves we live at peace with others.

October 28, 2009

Stomach shouldn’t be a waist basket!

We hear news about the zero sizes and the hype given by the media. Every girl whether a teenage or a grown up wants to have ‘zero size’ because it’s in fashion! But have we ever wondered how important it is for us take-in proper nutrients and carbohydrates to make our body work and live a longer and healthy life. Media always play a significant role in almost everything from politics to the vital stats of women. The advertisement about those little girls illustrated that a good figure is really important to lead a happy life. Being anorexic doesn’t mean you look good. In order to look perfect girls diet the whole day, as a result of this they fall sick and become unhealthy. This affects in later stages. The dieting pills and drinks are injurious and create a lot of risks.

Clothes as an identity

September 30, 2009

Clothes are not just used to cover the body, they also determine of what you think about yourself and also what you want to tell others  about yourself . There are so many cultures and each culture has a unique  style of clothing. For example, if we see a women wearing a saree  (that is a big piece of cloth which a women drape around herself), we can clearly make out that she’s an Indian or when we a man wearing a red color gown, we instantly can guess that he’s a monk. The way people accessories themself, like permanent tattoos, body piercing,  tongue piercing etc, is a way to tell people arount them. if we look  from sociological point of view, peoples attitude is depicted with what they wear. When a person wants to be a part of a rock band, he’ll probably will dress up like a pop star. Similarly clothes symbolises a person’s attitude and to which society he belongs.

• I could be her. Were we so different? She loved once. She hoped once. I could be her. I might be looking into my own future. Until the real future came falling from the air… [referring to the war]

September 11, 2009

In memoirs of a geisha, Sayuri was looking into her future when Hatsumomo was insulted and was thrown out of the house. Since her childhood she watched Hatsumomo, her way of living her attitude towards life. Once while coming back to her home at night after meeting her sister, Sayuri saw Hatsumomo with her love of life. Mameha after hearing them talk came out and caught  Hatsumomo. She was then never allowed to go out anywhere alone. She was forced to leave her love, as they were not allowed to love. Throughout their life, they were just taught to do their job, that is to be the best geisha and impress as many men as they can.

Here Sayuri is referring herself as Hatsumomo because though she was not allowed to love, but still she love the chairman and devoted her entire life to him. She wanted to be a geisha just for him. Just like Hatsumomo she was hoping to be his once. But his was not a fairytale, she had to face the reality. The reality was very cruel, she was never allowed to love and thought that just like Hatsumomo she’ll be frustrated with her life and one day will destroy herself.

But this did not happen either, there was a was in the country and she was complled to leave her country. And was sent to an isolated place, there she stayed for like 2 years. Until one day  President Nobu came to meet her and took her with him. There she got to meet the Chirman once again. Ultimately got her love of life.

 I can never relate this movie to anywhere near to my life. This is something really new for me. This movie tells us about the kind of culture in Japan and how geishas are different from a normal women. It even tells us about their lifestyle and the difficulties they face. This movie was a ‘black’ movie. As in it was a sad movie which was based on sorrows and there was nothing so exiciting in their lives. they knew that one fine day they have to become a geisha and that was a reality for them.