Dorian Gray Homosexuality Analysis


In the beginning of Dorian Grey Basil shows a deep fondness for Dorian which could often be interpreted as a love-interest. It is never actually said if this is accurate, but if we looked at today’s “standards” for this it would seem that Basil is quite homosexual. Back then, it was alright to be what they would categorize themselves today as metro sexual. Also, when Basil is informed by Henry that Dorian is engaged he throws quite a fit. Basil says how crazy and preposterous this is, that Dorian must be out of his mind to do such a thing. Yet, he is constantly showering Dorian with compliments even when he is speaking about him being crazy for getting married. Later in Chapter 7 when Basil is talking to Dorian he says that anybody that Dorian feels he loves enough to marry MUST be something special. Most people today would, again, take the compliments and that statement as an act of homosexually; however, it could simply be a good friend talking to/about his good friend. Perhaps Basil is more of the type of person that is intensely concerned about his friends and only wants the absolute best for them. Today’s society judges too fast and often does not look past cliché statements and thoughts.


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