Dorian Gray


The concept of beauty is pushed in the first chapter between Henry and Basil. They way they talk about it is as though if you’re not beautiful, you must be intelligent because you clearly can’t be both at the same time. This is an interesting way of looking at it for sure. Henry seems to possess an odd want to meet Dorian and Basil wants to keep this all to himself. Basil just explains that this is because when he has things or people he is especially fond of he likes to keep them a secret because it makes him feel special. On that note Henry talks about his marriage and how he and his wife never really tell each other the truth. This is also an odd concept for today’s life. Now, the message of trust and anti-secrecy from one’s spouse is pushed onto people. We have to ask ourselves, “What would life be like today if we instilled the morals of Henry and Basil, all of the secrets and the twist on beauty vs. brains?”


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