Dorian Gray


“It is nature, not he, who dictates the pursuit of pleasure.”

This quote is from Lord Henry. He says this when Basil is worried that Dorian is marrying below his class. I like this quote very much. I like it because it is the complete opposite when it comes to Lord Henry’s influence on Dorian. Dorian follows Lord Henry’s corrupt ways instead of being the pure innocent person Basil sees in him. Lord Henry had philosophy that leads you to question his ethos.  Lord Henry lead Dorian into a long train of lies. This could also apply to the idea of homosexuality in the book. Nature could be used as an excuse of Basil’s hidden pursuit of Dorian. I don’t think it was fate that led to Basil’s obsession over the painting of Dorian but his own pursuit for pleasure. Lord Henry insists that its “fate” that dictates sinful acts when he knows that he has a strong influence on Dorian.


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