Turn of the Screw


This movie is truly a moving experience.  Moving as in making you crawl in your seat from beginning to end.  Who knew that such a creepy film could be made back in those days?  I sure did not know.

Throughout this movie, figures appear to Mrs. Grose seems to be the only normal person around this estate.  The two children she is in charge of both have questionable histories.  The boy, Miles, recently was expelled from his boarding school and sent back to stay at the country estate with the new caretaker.  The girl, Flora, is seemingly normal.  Although, she has a eerie way about her.  As Mrs. Grose becomes more curious about the reasoning for Miles’ expulsion, ghosts begin to appear around the grounds.  The ghost begin to haunt the inhabitants of the country home.

Watching this film just makes your spine chill up and down repeatedly.  The way the ghosts appear to Mrs. Grose over and over makes the viewer dread the next time they appear.  In a way, this movie reminded me of the story, The Fall of the House of Usher.  I read it back in high school and just thought that it would make a great thriller film.  Directors need to go back and take a look at these older films and books.  With all the computer graphics these days, they could make some extremely good movies from the plots.


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