The Innocents are never Innocent


The movie based on “The Turn of the Screw” but I think the movie title is more fitting for the plot. It seems in every ghost story or scary movie involving children, the children are always up to no good but viewed as angels by the adults around them. This is the case in this story as the children are actually carrying out the actions of their dead role models. Though this is very disturbing, I found it more disturbing how the new governess took it upon herself to act as the exorcist and cast out the lost souls. Any person in their right mind would see from the get-go that these children are messed up and either A. run far far away and never look back OR B. act as the housekeeper did and ignore that anything is amiss. Although the story is interesting and probably scary for the time that it was written, I felt that it was too short and had too many loose ends and unexplained scenes. Nonetheless it was definitely interesting to be exposed to a scary story written so long ago because I have never read something like that before.

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