The Innocence


When I first started watching this movie I wasn’t sure what to expect from the children and the giant mansion. This seemed like a typical TV family in today’s society where the widowed father works too much and gets a nanny. However, it had many new twists and turns during the film. There were numerous things including the children who never seemed quite right, to the old stories from Mrs. Grosse of what had happed before Miss Kitten had arrived.  I found that this movie was shockingly scary. I think that the movie had great tactics of suspense and I also liked how the movie had a sense of curiosity looming over. It made things mysterious and unpredictable. It also really creeped me out when Miss Kitten accused Flora of seeing Miss Jessel. Flora seemed to become even more possessed and distraught. The children seemed like they were always up to something and after they spoke or sang a song there was something looming in the air. Miss Kitten was the one chosen to help these children which is ironic because she was the only one who could see the spirits, and by this fact she was the only one who could actually help them.


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