The Innocence. DUN DUN DUN….


The innocence was quite a suprising movie. I had no idea they could actually make a scary movie in the 1960’s. It was quite interesting how they showed the spirits connecting withg the kids. Whenever Flora plays with her music box or hums the song, the ghost appears around her. She doesn’t see her though. Also, if Miles suddenly turns sharp or says something more than he could say, you could tell that it wasn’t him talking. When the governess saw the ghostly man, miles was right around him. It’s as if the spirits are thriving on their sould being living and able to hold there souls. With all this taken into account though, it seems as if the children either don’t see the ghosts or realize their existance but choose not to show it.

Mrs. Grose is the holder of secrets in the house. She knows more than anyone about the sexual tendancies of the old governess, Jessel, and the old ruler of the house. She knows what they did and how they died. You can see the fear in her eyes as she explains to the current governess what events took place and what the children saw. There are many references in the movie to the amount of secrets and whispering in the house; in the present and the past. All of these things seem to live on and create a spooky enviornment for the current workers in the home.

In the end of the movie i found it a little difficult to understand why miles died when the spirit died. The spirit wasn’t keeping him alive. or was he? Was the spirit the soul of Miles? did he overtake his body or did Miles die from within his heart because he finally saw the spirit corrupting him? it’s very interesting looking at the possibilities of what drove and kept Miles alive. The same can go for Flora except she never faced her ghost within her.



One Response to “The Innocence. DUN DUN DUN….”

  1. skeltonkl Says:

    I was also surprised when I first started watching this movie. It was actually very scary. The children were very creepy and because it didn’t actually say how they were possessed or how to escape it, it made the movie that much more suspenseful. When it goes along as Miss Kitten is portrayed as the crazy one I felt a little concerned because I really wanted the children to be freed from the spirits and for Mrs. Grosse to believe her. I also believe Mrs. Grosse helps create a spooky environment because you can tell that she knows all secrets and it always feels like she is holding something back.

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