Supernatural and Insanity


One of the main observations with The Turn of the Screw is that because the governess is seeing ghosts and hearing supernatural things that she is insane. However, I do not think she can be classified as mad. One just because you believe you see something that no one else sees does not make you mad. If this were true, then concepts such as religion, Santa Clause, and the Tooth Fairy would all be reasons to classify that people are insane. Just because not everyone sees something remarkable happen doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. A lot of what the governess feels and sees is based on her instinct. Her instinct to protect the children and preserve herself. I am not arguing that she isn’t disturbed because I think she is based on her abnormal relationship with the children. I just do not see her as insane because she is perfectly aware of what is going on around her. Saying the governess is insane is equivalent to saying that people who believe in faith are insane just because faith can’t be seen.


One Response to “Supernatural and Insanity”

  1. lmaple2013 Says:

    I completely agree with this. Disturbed and insane are totally different classifications. She is definitely disturbed in her relationship with the kids, but not insane because obviously the kids are seeing the ghosts also. Good insight!

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