The Turn of the Screw


Personally, I think the Governess is insane. I think she is hallucinating the ghosts and doesn’t actually see anything. I think if she was really seeing anything she would have asked the children about them when she first developed suspicions about the relationships between the ghosts and the children. When the Governess finds Flora outside by the lake and spots Miss Jessel no one sees her but her. If Miss Jessel actually existed, then the others would have seen her too.  Mrs. Grose never admitted to seeing any ghosts and Flora acts if she has no idea what the Governess is talking about when she questions her about Miss Jessel. Also, even though the story is based on the Governess accounts in the house, none of the other worker’s ever mentioned seeing Peter Quint or Miss Jessel. I think the ghosts are just a figment of her imagination.

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