Dorian Grey


Rading the book, my first thoughts were that I thought it wierd how fond Basil was over Dorian and how vivdly he described the potrait he painted of him. It seemed as if it could be hidden meaning of homosexuality being presented in the text but I didn’t want to believe this until we discussed it in class. Usually men aren’t as open with their feelings toward other men, but in this case things are different. Maybe we tend to see Basil, Dorian, and Henry as gay because we aren’t used to this openness in our culture. It’s possible that they are just very good friends and just enjoy each others company. This may be normal during their time period, but society today would definitely view them as gay or on the “down low”. Today this openness would not be excepted.


One Response to “Dorian Grey”

  1. skeltonkl Says:

    I have to agree with you when you discuss the differnce in todays society and from when this book took place. It has an impact on the readers opinions of wheather or not the characters are gay. It is an interesting thought that their actions are just average for men of that time. Maybe men of today are “homophobic” and this is why we view these men in an earlier time as gay.

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