Homosexuality in Dorian Grey


Throughout the book there are many hints of Dorian, Henry, and Basil being homosexual.  They all act so close to each other and express their feelings for each other pretty openly.  But then also throughout the book both Henry and Dorian have women that they are interested, and Dorian actually has many women in the book.  I wonder if back in those times that men had shown their feelings towards eacher other more than now.  Maybe that was normal to act so affectionatly towards each other as men.  Normally this is seen with women but  I think that this could be true for  The Picture of Dorian Grey because there is no real evidence that one of them is gay.  In the end i realize that they were all just enjoying each others company but with a little more affectionaltly.  It may be odd in our culture but it’s possible that it is normal in other cultures around the world.

One Response to “Homosexuality in Dorian Grey”

  1. akshat01 Says:

    You brought up a different interpretation of the story with a logical reason. I agree that homosexuality could be a different scenario in that time and culture.

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