Thoughts on Dorian Gray


As I began to read, I didn’t really pick up on the homosexual themes.  Only until I came to class when someone mentioned it I began to think a little more into those themes.  I really do think it could go either way.  The way of weird obsession or homosexuality.  On one hand, Basil was obsessed with his painting of Dorian which might seem a little odd.  Then again, once I read about some of the interaction between Basil and the “real” Dorian it became obvious to me that there is a possibility of more in their relationship.  As queer (pun inteded) as it was back in those days, some peopel were considered homosexual.  If caught, these people were usually imprisoned for such orientations.  It has been said that Oscar Wilde may have been one of these people.  He was put into jail for being accused of having a homosexual orientation.  This gives reason for many of us who have read the book to think that there was more between Basil and Dorian than just being friends.  It isn’t exactly unusual for us today to see these sort of themes in a book.  I can’t imagine how people felt about reading this book when it was first published after Wilde was put in prison.

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