The Picture of Dorian Gray Review


The Picture of Dorian Gray showed how one’s obsession with beauty can destroy a person. Beauty is supposed to be natural and not forced, which is what Dorian was trying to do. As the most beautiful person in the town, he was seen as an idol. When Basil painted the picture of him it all went downhill. He became overly obsessed with the way he looked and acted and was therefor more and more ugly. Over time the picture destroyed him; emotionally and physically, resulting in his death. Dorian could not find true beauty once he went searching for it in himself. He was a shell of a man and nothing more than a beautiful face. the only thing it seemed he had left o kill was the physical being of himself, which eventually happened in the end. The painting of himself was too much to bear and too much to try and fight. It was as if he was fighting is true being. Unfortuantely he killed himself before truly finding where his heart and soul lie.

There is also another aspect of homosexuality in the story. Basil, whom painted the picture of Dorian, became quite absessive over him; just as dorian did. He wanted to be with him all the time and when he painted the picture, he refused to show it saying that he put too much of himself into it. this is a sign that there are obviously some emotions and desires to Dorian, whether Basil knew it or not. As the story goes on it becomes more apparent that Basil has feelings more than friendship with dorian. He desires to be near him, to see him. It’s quite odd actually that this would happen because as this happened Dorian was trying to maintain his beauty. He had his mind set on living forever, taking away his natural beauty. It destroyed him.


One Response to “The Picture of Dorian Gray Review”

  1. carsonbowers Says:

    I agree with you that beauty is a natural thing and can’t be forced. Once a person realizes their own beauty they might become so obsessed with themselves that it destroys their very being. This happened to Dorian. He realized his own beauty and couldn’t look at himself the same. This destroyed his innocence. Anyone of our generation who reads this book clearly realizes the theme of homosexuality. Its clear as daylight to just about anyone.

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