Picture of Homosexuality


The Picture of Dorian Gray struck me as extremely homosexual from the very beginning especially when Basil was talking about his obsession with Dorian and then later when Dorian is talking about Lord Henry. They all seem to be mostly closet individuals though. Lord Henry is married and Dorian has multiple women that he courts or tries to court. It is almost like they are only homosexual when around each other. That brings me to question if bromances are actually real. Girls say all the time that they love their best friends, but you never really hear guys say that about their best friends because it is not manly. But I think that because boys and men feel like they have to be manly they don’t get to express their feelings as freely. Therefore, they have bromances that no one sees except them. The same thing is happening in the novel.  Dorian, Henry and Basil are normal men in the eyes of society, but when they are together a certain homosexuality arises.


2 Responses to “Picture of Homosexuality”

  1. carsonbowers Says:

    I love the way you put this. Classifying the three main characters as “closet individuals.” It made me laugh, but I agree with you on this. These men do hide their secret very well. Each having their own lives that seem heterosexual, but once they are together things change drastically. The three are extremely odd.

  2. jacjones5 Says:

    I like how you mention “bromances.” I agree that the whole book seemed to portray the men in the story gay, but there was never real evidence of this. They all have their own way of being straight with the women they have but the way they act around each other makes me wonder. So, maybe there is such a thing as “bromances” like you said.

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