Living is my Masterpiece


I believe that there is an art to living, if you choose to make it as such. If we live to be happy, peaceful, and accomplished by doing what we love, then life is definitely art. By choosing to make life our ideal experience, whether that be relaxing, adventurous, spontaneous, or studious, we are creating our own form of artwork. It is a sure form of artwork in the aspect that we are expressing ourselves without rules or direction from anyone else. It is also true that like artwork, there are many interpretations of the art of living. Some may be the happiest while doing nothing with their life but watching the latest soap opera. Others might look at them as not living at all because they would prefer to be skydiving. In essence, the art of living is only determined by the artist, in this case each and every person, and it can be viewed as positive or negative by outsiders looking in. The most important guideline to living this artwork, is to make it your masterpiece.


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