Art plays a major role in the lives of Dorian and Basil. Basil especially shows his passion through his artwork. Dorian does not seem to fall in love with the idea of the paintings. However, he does become addicted to them. The painting that Basil painted of Dorian holds some type of bond to him. Art seems to have an effect on people. Particularly this painting, it holds a cloud over Dorian’s head and it makes him see himself as though he never ages. Some people may become fond of a painting or others may fall in love with the colors that are used. However, I don’t believe that any painting can draw someone’s attention as much as the one Basil painted for Dorian.

One Response to “Art”

  1. lmaple2013 Says:

    I agree with this opinion. Basil was way too absorbed in the portrait, even to the point of obsession. I do believe that this is a possiblility in real life, however. Obviously someone saw something incredible in the portrait of the Mona Lisa even though it appears to be a bland picture of a woman. I also agree that artwork should not be that much of an obsession to anyone. It is not healthy, as seen in Wilde’s novel. Great insight!

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