Peace vs Justice


Justice is a very broad concept it’s not just being fair. Justice according to me is being right morally, whether it’s equity, rationality or law. ‘Justice is the first virtue of social institutions, as truth is of systems of thought’ according to John Rawls. Justice is something that’s having what you deserve. Is you’ve done something wrong and then you’ll get what you deserve no matter how harsh the punishment is. Sometimes justice is dominating and authoritative. When a judge gives merciless penalty to someone, in that case it’s authoritative.

Peace on the other hand is a very amiable term. When I think of peace the first thing which strikes my mind is healthy way of living in harmony. Peace is end of the war, where there is amity and goodwill in the world, where people are in good terms with each other. Synchronization between everything: society, countries, people, communities and politically. It’s the end of conflict and war.  When we find peace within ourselves we live at peace with others.


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