Art and Emotions


In the book Basil shows a great display of emotions through his art work.  He puts so much of himself into his paintings and it shows.  Especially with his portraits of Dorian.  Basil seems to be so entranced with Dorian and seems to be in love with the idea of Dorian.  Dorian is a beautiful nobelman with a tragic background and Basil thinks he loves Dorian.  He paints a portrait of Dorian and is even afraid to show it to the public because he is affraid it shows too much about his emotions towards Dorian.  He later finds out that it does not show too much of himself and wants to put it on display but now Dorian doesnt want the painting to be shown because it literally shows his soul in the painting.  He is affraid of the painting because it shows who he has become.  He has become bitter and selfish and he does not want people to see the real him.


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