The Relationship between art and emotions in Dorian Gray


The Picture of Dorian Gray represents the emotions of Basil towards Dorian. The way in which he paints him displays an immense amount of emotion on Basil’s part and therefor he refuses to publish it, instead giving to to Dorian. Over time Dorian becomes upsest with it and looks at it quite frequently. When his emotions change so do the paintings. It’s almost as if the painting has become part of him. It is impacting his train of thought and making him go insane. Almost to the point where the painting drives his emotions.
The painting is not just a painting but a representation of Dorian’s true soul and self. A part of him that hasn’t been truly seen. Basil is more in tune with Dorian’s emotions than Dorian seems to be by the way he painted him.
Part of the reason that Dorian starts to despise the painting over time is because it is a mirror image of his soul instead of his outward appearance, which is what is so loved throughout the community. So the painting may have been painted from Basil’s view of Dorian but the way Dorian now looks at himself because of the painting has drastically changed because of it. Art has shaped him into something that was previously unshown.
It’s interesting how the painting shapes him instead of him shaping the painting like originally thought.

3 Responses to “The Relationship between art and emotions in Dorian Gray”

  1. carsonbowers Says:

    I completely agree with you. Basil seems to know more about Dorian than Dorian knows. Its almost creepy how that works. The way Basil can put Dorian’s soul into art form by means of a painting. Its crazy how Dorian changes because of what he sees. Its quite intriguing.

  2. jacjones5 Says:

    I agree with this also the painting shows so much of who Dorian really is and he becomes afraid of it and decides to hide it forever. Basil literally puts Dorian’s soul into the painting without even knowing it.

  3. skeltonkl Says:

    Well I would have to say that I also agree with this post. Dorian is afraid to see what his life is like and he doesn’t appreciate the fact that he can see himself so clearly through this painting. Also the fact that his views on himself are changing.

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