Life as Art


In chapter two, Dorian becomes upset, almost distraught, at the realization that he is going to get old and not youthful looking anymore. He is so saddened in fact that he pledges to live youthful all the time for the rest of eternity. Later on in the book this pledge makes it so that his portrait actually changes and morphs with his personality, but Dorian stays the same physically. This is because of Dorian’s obsession with art and life. He is so engrossed in the fact that art is beautiful, and because he is beautiful, he is art. He is so in love with himself that he does not want to become less beautiful, and therefore becomes much more vain. Even though he is so obsessed with art, he begins to lead an ugly life that is only beautiful on the outside. His personality is vile and cruel. So in essence because his personality is ugly it can be equated to death, based on Dorian’s association with beautiful art being life. Dorian himself is now a walking contradiction between life and death and beauty of art and disease of death.


One Response to “Life as Art”

  1. meier72 Says:

    Absolutely. By attempting to be a walking piece of art he is becoming less beautiful. He reflects something that is fake and misleading unlike forms of art that are most enjoyed by people. Before when Dorian wasn’t trying as hard to push against the flow of life, he was truly beautiful and many were attracted to him. Now that he is trying to defy nature’s course he is defining beauty. He is killing himself and the portrait of himself shows it.

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