Art for Art’s Sake


Wilde describes in the opening how art has no specific purpose, not to prove a point or show sympathy. It is only to show beauty. I disagree with this point, even though that would mean Wilde would call me corrupt. I believe art does serve a purpose. It allows the viewer to relate the artwork to their life and find deeper meaning in it. Even if the artist never intended for there to be deep dark secrets within the artwork, it is still the observer’s job to fully take in the artwork and wonder what the artist’s reason for creating the artwork is. Although not all artwork is persay “beautiful” to all viewers, that is another opinion we must form for ourselves when we observe artwork. It is open to interpretation and therefore could be only beauty to one person, but a bold statement to another person. Artwork is therefore more than beauty and should be seen as such.


One Response to “Art for Art’s Sake”

  1. carsonbowers Says:

    I agree that art is more than just beauty. One can come up with several different interpretations for a piece of artwork. It is all up to that one person. Many people can find an artists deepest and darkest secrets without intention. Many artists put such things in pieces to invigorate one’s mind. Great analysis of beauty in art.

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