Art and Life


What is the relationship between art and life, in the philosophy of Dorian Grey? Do you agree that there is/ort to be an art of living? What would it be like ethically and aesthetically? Would it be about self-expression and fulfillment, sincerity, spectacle, etc?

making a  life an example of an “art of living” would mean sacrificing a lot of a someones personal wants and possibly even needs. They would have to hold themselves up to what living fully and completely is, in the eyes of their respective society and then strive, regardless of whether they want to or not, to attain that perfect lifestyle, turning living into an art in itself. This means that people could watch this person life and appreciate that person’s beauty just by watching them do normal things. The person who is “living art” would have to have every movement, every word spoken, etc… tailored perfectly so that it would appeal to other people.

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