“When you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true”-The Alchemist. ‘Gattaca’ consolidates this quote. The protagonist Vincent, ‘Ethan Hawke’ was born ‘invalid’ or a comparatively disabled as he was not a genetically engineered baby. Vincent always had a childhood ambition to travel to outer space. In spite of his knowledge and interest outer space he was always rejected on the basis of his genetic disadvantage. Vincent somehow managed to feed his dream. A confrontation Vincent has with his brother becomes a turning point in his life and inspires him to be the person he wanted to be. He eventually gets a chance to fake Jerome Eugene Morrow’s identity, (Jude Law) a handicap with a perfect genetic sequence and gets into Gattaca – A prestigious space research organization. Vincent placed his dream over everything else and strived to achieve it by all means. After a series of uncertainties he eventually achieves his dream. A very fitting scene which depicts conspiracy is when Vincent gets caught just before the shuttle launch and the doctor tells him that he had known of Vincent’s fake identity from the beginning. In addition to that doctor reveals about his son with a similar genetic drawback. But may be Vincent making it this big created some hope for his son so he allows Vincent to enter the shuttle. The screenplay inspires the audience by music, insightful dialogues, imagery and conspiracy!

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