chapters 1-7


In 1890 when the Picture of Dorian Gray was first published it was understood as immoral. This falls back to our discussion in class where we mentioned that people can view things such as movies and books as either moral or immoral. However, I believe that it depends on the person and by their own personal views. What may seem immoral to one may be completely opposite to another. It is stated that a year later the text was revised and the preface was added. This is useful because it gives a better description of his art and the meaning behind it. The purpose of art, according to these series is to actually have no purpose. The time era needs to be taken into consideration and Victorian style of art and morality. In this time they valued art for its beauty and no other purpose.

One Response to “chapters 1-7”

  1. carsonbowers Says:

    Moral or immoral is a largely opinionated argument these days. I completely understand why the book was seen as immoral when it was published in 1890. When a man is obsessed with another man whether it be in a painting or the actual man, it raises the question of his orientation. Nineteenth century morals show that homosexuality was completely immoral, but really who was to do decide that. I agree with you when you say it is up to the person (reader/viewer) to decide if a piece is moral or immoral.

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