Themes in A Picture of Dorian Grey


a possible theme that caught my eye was 

. The commonest thing is delightful if one only hides it.  Basil, p6.

 Its neat and seems also kind of true what Lord Henry says about how not knowing where his wife is can be kind of fun, since they have to keep guessing about it, and then they are able to make up really fantastical stories when they go out to dinner. If someone were able to have the trust and be able to tolerate a relationship like this, there are definitly obvious benefits and it seems like it could make the relationship more casual and more fun. Relationships aside though, even having more mystery in everyday life could be fun and if adopted as a practice today, would greatly reduce the media’s capacity to inform and sway peoples opinions. People would just mind their own business too, and people wouldnt have to worry as much about privacy issues.


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