Hunger as a motive


In today’s society the general public (mostly women) are held to the standard to look perfect and define all logicsitcs to have a perfect body. Though most all of us know that it is impossible but the pressure is put there though media and everyday life. This leads to diseases such as anerexia and bulimea. These are self inflicted diseases on our own society becaseu we make our people believe that they have to acheive perfection. Honestly is the trade off worth haveing people literally starve them selves and slowly kill themselves for beauty. What in society gives us the right to judge each other on how we look or more on the weight issuse how much we weigh. Beacause in other societies being overweight is a great thing and a status symbol of success, but that trend definatly was missed here in the United States. What gives us the right to judge and force people to die.


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