Dorian Grey Themes Pt. 1


As I read the first few pages of The Picture of Dorian Gray, I realized the artist, Basil, has this enormous feeling of accomplish.  Even his friend, Lord Henry, feels that the potrait of the young man is a great success.   The more Lord Henry looks at it the more he sees that Basil should put it in an exhibit.  Basil is unsure of what to do with his painting because he claims to have put too much of himself into it.  To me this means he spent so much time in it that he can’t just give it up to someone.  It means too much to him to give it up to just anyone.  It almost seems like an awkward obsession to me.  Basil goes onto explain that the young man in the portrait is an actual person by the name of Dorian Gray.  Wilde makes Basil seem like he has that obsession for Dorian by having Basil explain his beauty to Lord Henry.  Although, Wilde tries to disguise this obsession by using art as an excuse.  Basil is really only in love with his painting, not Dorian Gray.   One could think of this as a one sided “bromance” in which Basil is in love with Dorian from an art standpoint instead of a homosexual one.


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