Dorian Gray


Some main themes that i noticed from the first few chapters are secrecy and mystery.  In the first few chapters i was confused as to what were the real feelings of each character.  Basil is so impressed with his own painting that he says he wants to keep it to himself and not put it on display.  He says that it has too much of himself in it but I did not get why he wouldnt be able to put it on display.  He seems to show such an attraction for Dorian and i was confused if he really loved Dorian or the painting.  So many things are unclear to me because all three men show much attraction for each other but say they are in love with women. I think the author puts the mystory and secrecy in the book to keep the reader entertained and wanting to read more.  I am interested in finding out what the real feelings of these men are.

One Response to “Dorian Gray”

  1. carsonbowers Says:

    I was really confused with the beginning of the book as well. It was hard to tell where Basil’s heart really was. Whether it be in his painting of Dorian Gray or Dorian himself. It does seem odd that these men are somewhat obsessed with one another, yet claim to have wives. It is hard to tell through the first few chapters.

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