America’s Hungry Eyes


I completely agree with Susan Bordo on her view of the portrayal of women’s eating in advertising. For example, when a woman is shown eating a hamburger in a McDonald’s commercial, she is shown taking a small bite of the burger, rather than scarfing down half of the American delicacy. This leads in to her view of male eating habits. Hardee’s commercials show men devouring nearly half of their huge burgers. However, Bordo also goes on to say that she believes the media exploits these “awful” eating habits (of both men and women) by promoting such items as Sugar Free Jello. These efforts, however, can also be disregarded once a Pillsbury commercial is aired. Sometimes, the warm frosting on a Pillsbury cake, or the sweet  cinnamon of a Betty Crocker delight can tempt even the strictest dieters. I completely agree with every statement made by Bordo. It’s a food fight within advertising. Fascinating.


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