I’m not sure why people starve themselves. I understand that media has a huge influence on people’s lives. The media posts pictures and videos and portrays the idea that going thin is “in.” They try to make models look anorexic, to get everyone’s attention and to show they are “beauty.” I don’t think it makes sense to try to look a certain way to make more friends. I don’t want to have friends who only judge me on who I am by how I look or if I’m thin enough to be their friend. I also don’t understand the concept of trying to starve yourself. It’s bad for your body to keep nourishment from it.


One Response to “hunger”

  1. jacjones5 Says:

    i agree with you. I like how you say that people think thin is “in”. Its very true people especially girls think that being thin is the only way to be cool. But they are really just hurting themselves. If a person has to hurt themselves to be cool or to have friends then these people are not really their friends at all.

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