What is a just war?


5. Define “justice” and “peace.” Assuming that both concepts are desirable,
describe a society in which there is justice without peace or peace without
justice. Ultimately, do you see justice or peace as more important to human
-Justice is like softer version of revenge. Its for all the right reasons and is used to bring an ultimate conclusion to a bad situation.

Peace can be defined as the lack or adsence of fighting and the all around “best” way to live; its ideal.

I think that neither peace nor justice can stand alone to make the total and complete happpiness of a society. You need to have justice before you can achieve peace and without that peace there is no ominate feeling of glee or happiness.  After the initial justice is has then, the peace will take over being the promenate feeling and if it can be managed properly then it will remain in effect for what is hoped to be a long while.

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