Value Myths


Gary: A heavy republican that sicks strictly to “the norm”

Robert: A liberal with a passion for change and world peace

In this conversation between Gart and Robert they are discussing their views on legalizing marijuana in order to better society.

Gary: This is just terrible! You can’t introduce a drug into socitey freely without consequences and just let everybody run around willy-nilly getting high as a kite!

Robert: Marijuana has already been throughout society and is no stranger. There would be certain rules and guide lines to the legalization of it.

Gary: You say that now, until those youngsters are driving around with “the munchies” and crashing into all of the buildings and raising all hell.

Robert: If you knew all about the effects of marijuana, then you’d know that smoking this substance does not make you want to go out and drive around. The substance is also a controlled drug that is not possible to overdose on, which is more than can be said about alcohol. Over all, this drug would allow people to fight less, never O.D., and would also take away from the want to illegally smoke it.


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