Peace vs. Justice


Peace and justice are mixed up lots of times.  People think that peace and justice are the same thing.  This assumption of thought is completely false.  Peace is when there are no troubles, no punishments, and no criminal acts.  Peace is after two countries were at war and they then decide to stop and just quit.  Justice is when the person gets whatever they deserve.  If someone does something wrong, then by the term of justice, they should be punished for it.  It is basically a way to get even with the person that did the wrong doing.  In a society where there was only peace, it would basically mean that anyone could mess up and do something wrong and nothing would happen to them and everyone would forgive and forget.  In a world with justice and no peace, it would mean that every time someone did something wrong, they would have to pay for it.  I think they are both important because either way it would be bad to have one without the other.


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