Liberal vs. Conservative War in Afghanistan


Liberal: I have no idea why our American troops are still in Afghanistan.

Conservative: Well I would love to tell you.  They are there because we need to stop the terrorists.  We need to put an end to Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Liberal: Yeah, but how realistic is that?  I agree we want to get as many of them as possible but at what cost?  Should we keep our troops over there and put them in such harm’s way just so we can go on a wild goose chase?

Conservative: We do it because if we don’t, nobody else will stop them and they will be able to do whatever they want.

Liberal:  That is not true.  we have stopped most of them, and there is no way we will ever be able to get all of the terrorists, and besides how much money are we wasting on this war when we could be helping Afghanistan build schools and rebuild their country.

Conservative: We need to focus more on trying to stop the violence and to help the Afghan army able to control the terrorists that inhabit their country.


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