Hunger as Ideology


The image of depriving yourself of food or anything else is fairly disgusting. For children to control their body weight at a young age isn’t bad at all it’s when children start taking diet pills and drinking weight control drinks that the line is crossed. Women are essentially forced to take on the appearance of models and beauty queens to satisfy the American stereotype of a “beautiful” girl. As the ideal girl. Overseas it is most attractive to be fat. The reason being is that when you are fat you have wealth becasue you can afford to meet. It’s quite ironic that we have come back to being as skinny as the poor to signify success.

2 Responses to “Hunger as Ideology”

  1. trvowels Says:

    I agree with your idea that regulating food intake being alright only until it becomes a problem such as pills and other weight control suppliments. We must ask ourselves though, if it is alright to regulate intake, then who are we to be angry when we can see the stages of an eatting disorder developing through those actions?

  2. carsonbowers Says:

    It is quite disturbing how some women like to starve themselves just to have good looks. It gets ridiculous when young girls think they have to look good for the rest of society. No one, these days, seems to be content with their own image. There is always something wrong with ourselves. How is it that society has gone to the extreme? What will we do to stop it? These are the questions we should be asking ourselves.

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