Hunger has been an increasing problem  in the United States.  But not because people don’t have food, its because they want to starve themselves, especially women.  Women and men think that being skinny is the only way to be popular.  Lots of people think that i can only be in the cool crowd if i am fit.  These people lots of times become anorexic without even meaning to and it can become dangerous and even lead to bulimia.  It is so sad to think that people want to be popular so bad that they are willing to put their bodies through hell to achieve that.  I personally think it is not worth it.  I have seen lots of girls during lunch not eating, or even after lunch going to the bathroom to throw up.  If these people are only being friends with you for your weight, then they are not friends at all.  The media influences this too. TV especially portrays the skinny, fit, cool look as what is in.  I think that this should be turned around.  Obviously not everyone in this world is a slim size so why make it look like it should be like this.


2 Responses to “Hunger”

  1. skeltonkl Says:

    I agree with your above statements. I believe that media is a major influence on people’s opinions of theirselves. If they see stars on tv or in magazines looking incredibly thin or long dark hair then that gives us ideas that this is how we should be. Also media shows in movies that the popular girls are the skinny pretty girls who only have friends who are skinny with them. I agree and believe that these girls aren’t the type of friends that we should be looking for. I don’t think being the skinniest is worth being popular.

  2. dbretern Says:

    I also strongly agree about your point about the media. America’s stars and pop culture is what influences mainly how everyone dresses, acts, and tries to be. It’s starting to hit at uncomfortably young ages. Take Miley Cyrus for example – she’s influenced many little girls all over the country, which is why it is possible to see 8 year old dressed in mini skirts and open v-necks. I think it’s very disturbing.

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