No thanks, I’m full.


After reading “Hunger as Ideology” I was both disgusted and embarrassed. Disgusted because the media is so keen on bombarding the female population with rules and demands of how they should look and dress based on the opinion of who? I don’t understand why women are so concerned to please the all powerful “them.” The “them” that makes the rules on the perfect woman. How does one get hired for that position? No one should feel pressured to please the world’s view of a goddess because let’s face it, that image is impossible to achieve and ever changing. I was embarrassed because I realized I could also apply this to my life. I can’t honestly say I have never wanted all the designer clothes slim tall figures of the beautiful runway models. The difference is, I don’t let those thoughts go to my head like the women Bordo is referring to. This is sad, however, because it’s painfully true that most women do feel like they need to morph themselves into the media’s view of the perfect woman no matter what they have to do to themselves to get there.


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