I would like a “peace” of justice, please.


5. Justice is fair and equal treatment to all citizens in a society no matter their background or social standing. It is providing equal consequences for the actions of those who break the laws that everyone must abide by. This fairness and equality creates a desirable community because there is no fight over who should be punished more or less for the same crime. Everyone knows his or her responsibilities and the duties they must follow because everyone is entitled to the same rights. Justice is a value that should not be taken for granted because without it, we would all be too quick to judge on our own opinions.

On the other hand, if we would all just lay aside our own stubborn opinions and accept others for who they are and love them anyways, we would not need justice. This concept is what we call peace. Peace is the ability to live harmoniously with those around us without becoming corrupt and violent. If we accept others and do unto them as we would have done to us, justice would not be an issue because there would be no crime to offer consequences for.

In the case of human happiness, I believe that peace is the most important. Not in “Miss America’s” perspective, but true peace within ourselves and to the people around us. I also know that this has been proven impossible for the world because not everyone is willing to accept others or the fact that they cannot always get what they want. Since this is the case, justice is the only way to more fully ensure human happiness so that everyone is treated fairly.


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