Hunger as Ideology


We look for all sorts of ways to stay thin or look cool.  This can be a very serious problem within our always changing society.  Some women think that the only way to achieve beauty is to be skinny.  This leads to anorexia and bulimia; two growing problems in our culture.   Sometimes these diseases even lead to death  These diseases ruin your body not to mention what it can do to a person’s social life.  Chronic vomiting leads to the decay of teeth, bad breath, and gum disease.  These things aren’t worth having to achieve that slender body.  The media doesn’t help the cause either.  Some commercials make it seem like only successful people are skinny.  Too many diet pills and other weight loss tools are being sold over-the-counter.  Some women see these things and think they must do anything and everything to achieve the model body.  Those who want to look cool or stay thin need a wake up call.  These people need to be shown the facts that way we can save their lives.


One Response to “Hunger as Ideology”

  1. lmaple2013 Says:

    I completely agree! We are constantly told by the media what we should look like, and anyone who doesn’t meet those standards has no reason for living. If more women knew the facts and understood that the view the media feeds us is completely false then we would not have these problems! Great insight!

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