A just War


Peace is the bare minimum that needs to be established if we want justice. Justice is basically protecting the greater good and protecting civil liberties. Justice is fair treatment and equality. Justice to me is making everything fair. I don’t think you can have justice without peace. Peace is the absence of war and hostilities towards one another. I think that if there are no hostilities towards people then justice will be easy because people that are in agreement can easily come to the conclusion of what is fair or not. I see justice as more important to human society, but I think peace should be. People are too selfish to realize that peace is more important. I also think personal justice overshadows the justices of society as a whole. A society where there is peace without justice is a society where people’s personal injustices are ignored and it’s more of a collaborative effort to make everyone happy, collectively. A society where there is justice without peace would be a very selfish society.

One Response to “A just War”

  1. skeltonkl Says:

    Peace does exist in every society, in my opinion. I believe that to acquire peace you need justice to do its job and to co-exist. I agree that if only one exists it should be peace because everyone try to force rules upon others and force them to be perfect leads to selfishness and fights among each other. If peace exists alone then the absence of war and hostilities exists as you mentioned above. I believe trying to find a perfect balance will be a forever long search.

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