what is a just war


2. How, according to Elshtain, can war be an “instrument of justice”? Is
there  a difference between saying that a war is “just” and saying that a
war is necessary  to bring about justice? Do you agree that sometimes war is
an essential  part of justice?

Elshtain talks about how the people of the US have basiclly refered back to St. Ausustine’s The City of God, and what is talks about how people can justify going and using force against people when they are Christians and therefore they should not be committing acts of aggression or violence, since that would go against God’s and Jesus’ word. She talks about how they have to make sure beforehand to “ensure that war derives from the use of right authority by those responsible for public order, to limit the means to be deployed even in a just cause, and to hold warfare, one outgrowth of political rule, up to ethical scrutiny.”  The difference between a just war and a war to bring about justice is that a just war is a war that is conducted rightly and held up, as Elshtain says “to ethical scrutiny.” The end result or purpose for the war may not and does not have to be just, however. A war that is an “instrument of justice” or that brings about justice is a war that is conducted for a just cause and can be fought in any way necessary.

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