Justice Vs. Peace


Elshtain states that civic peace is the basic framework of settled law and simple, everyday order. But I think the definition of peace can vary between topics. I define peace as being mentally and physically comfortable with yourself and the things around you. Peace is having complete tranquility. Justice and peace are very similar terms but also differ in many ways. You can obtain peace but not necessarily is that peace justice. Justice is being fair and righteous. What is fair to some people may not be fair to someone else. In the United States a serial killer put on death row is deemed as justice for his heinous crimes but I wouldn’t consider it as anything close as peace. It doesn’t stop murderers from killing, it doesn’t bring back previous victims, and it doesn’t change anything. Just because the killer is put to death doesn’t mean that the victims’ families are at peace with the circumstances.  I think justice is the ultimate answer to human happiness over peace. Humans function better with rules, laws, and restrictions that are classified as just. Without justice we may never reach happiness or peace. I think justice its mandatory for basic living.


One Response to “Justice Vs. Peace”

  1. lmaple2013 Says:

    I agree with this opinion. Justice is essential for human happiness since peace seems to be unattainable for the population as a whole. There are definitely situations where something is just but it is not peaceful. However, if we all had peace then justice would follow. We would treat each other fairly in order to maintain the peace, but like was said, this concept has been proven impossible for the world in the past and today.

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