War: An Instrument of Justice


I think that many and most wars are for corrupt or invalid reasons and in most cases were not needed.  But there are always the rare extremes. For example, i feel that, even though as time goes on there becomes more opposition, we had to go to war with the eastern “terrorists” for what they did attacking our nation. Goin into it had nothing to do with conquering the world or an expression of power but was a sign that we don’t just lay down as Americans and take that kind of an action. In this case we went to war to invoke Justice on those who killed innocent loved ones. In this case, war was used as an instument of justice but definitely not in all cases does this happen or is the war itself a “just” one.

One Response to “War: An Instrument of Justice”

  1. carsonbowers Says:

    I do agree with you that not all wars have just cause. Speaking of wars of different countries not just the US. It was a good point with the War on Terror that we didn’t just sit back and let them walk all over us. We decided to take some initiative and show that we don’t just let anyone walk over us. Good analysis

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