Peace and/or Justice


Peace and Justice are two words that seem to flow together quite nicely during our train of thought. However, they are difficult to come acrossed in the real world. Justice is something that in many cases is not a peaceful thing to aquire. In many places all around the world torture, rape, murder, bombing, and shootings of innocent people are considered justice for some previous act. Peace on the other hand means more along the lines of serenity, pureness, and happiness. when you use justice to find peace than you will have to be causing pain more than peace some people in order to bring peace to others. This is the cycle today with our methods of crime prevention. We make those who take peace from others suffer unrestfully and unpeacefully in order to have justice. Peace i believe is something that can not be aquired without the justice of the wrong. If we did not try to bring justice to others than it would be impossible for us to ever be at peace in our hearts. Justice can survive without peace. There can be ongoing suffering formed by many people seeking justice without the option of peace because of it.

2 Responses to “Peace and/or Justice”

  1. jacjones5 Says:

    I agree totally with this blog. I felt that peace couldnt be without justice. i also felt the same about using just wrongly. We consider it to be revenge in a way and it diminishes the meaning of it. Some people try to find peace by using just wrongly by hurting other people to make them temporarily feel better. But i do not think that peace can be without justice. I think to be at peace we need to do the right things, which is just.

  2. carsonbowers Says:

    I agree with you and the previous comment. Justice, in most cases, brings about peace. Without justice we would have a difficult time finding peace in this world. Although, if one constantly seeks justice for every mistake or wrong doing then the world would never be at peace. It is a very delicate system which makes it tough to achieve peace in one’s life and/or the world.

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