Peace and Justice


Peace and justice, by some people, can be considered very similar.  I believe that in most cases, they are actually pretty different.  My personal definition of peace is being unconditionally happy with yourself, and the communities around you.   I think that it is rare to be completely peaceful, and to achieve this is a great gift.  On the other hand, i feel that justice is gaining some sort of revenge whether the revenge be a good thing or a bad thing.  For example, someone murders someone else. Most people consider justice putting the murderer on a death sentence.  Is this really “just” or is it what we think is just?  I have not been in this situation so i really don’t know what i would want. Or in another example, the United States claims the War in Iraq is a “just” war because we want peace throughout the world.  Is killing people really a just cause for peace?  I feel that this is actually disrupting peace.  I that “just” is a misinterpreted term.  Just is what is right, not what we think is right.


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