Just War


Question 4

In recent military conflicts such as the war in Iraq and Afganistan is a very gray topic to be considered a “just war”. It mostly boils down to if you beilieve that Saddam Housane possed weapons of mass destruction and intended to use them against the United States. Then if you believe that you could follow through and beleive that our sending troops into those countries was a noble cause and was just. But if one did not believe that there were weapons of mass destruction then the war could be considered many other things other than a just war. After we had troops over in Iraq and Afganistan and found no weapons our goal changed from finding the weapons to liberation the people from a totalitarinusm goverment. This mere gave us an excuse to be there after our first plan failed becasue if we truely were out to save the people our military would be in many many more countries beacsue they have similar goverments.


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