Just War vs. Holy War


In my opinion, a just war is a war that has a clear cause.  The leaders who chose to declare war have taken into account the pros and cons of going into battle.  In most cases, holy wars can be classified as just wars.  Holy Wars most often take place to protect the people’s most sacred beliefs.  This is a clear cut reason for war.  On the other hand, some wars are fought as a way to rid people of such beliefs.  Sometimes these are classified as holy wars for the sole reason that religion is involved.  This sort of war is clearly unjust.  It is based upon a majority’s prejudice against a religious or ethinc group.  The Iraqi conflict with the Kurds can be used as an example.  The Iraqi government under Saddam Hussein sought ethnic cleansing based on prejudice against the Kurds.  Hussein had no clear reason for this war.


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