Value Myths


Garth [L] – So, what do you think about Obama’s health care plan?

Wayne [C] – I think it’s set to fail just like it did in Canada and England

Garth [L] – Oh yeah? Well Obama’s plan is different, it’s going to work. We need it                              anyways, seeing as there are 46 million people without health care in the                          US. He’s spending trillions of dollars on this plan, it’s bound to succeed. 

Wayne [C] – 46 million people including illegal aliens and students, who don’t                                         necessarily needing health care. Eliminate those numbers and you’ll come                         down to only a couple million people without health care. Do you really                             need trillions of dollars for a couple million peoples’ health care?

Garth [L] – How do you know that number is factual? You’re just against having a                                 black president. 

Wayne [C] – I used several different sources to confirm that the numbers are factual. It                           doesn’t phase me that we have an African American president, I just don’t                         agree with his policies. 

Garth [L] – Party on Wayne! (I just had to)


One Response to “Value Myths”

  1. carsonbowers Says:

    Very good facts in this dialogue. Clearly, you have a somewhat conservative side. I am partially conservative myself. I don’t understand why Obama thinks his plan will be any different than Canada’s and England’s. Plus, you brought up a good point that only a couple million are without healthcare. I agree that trillions of dollars aren’t worth those people when most don’t have a job or even try to get a job.

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